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Ovih dana, igrom slučaja, naiđoh na nešo što se zove "Pre-Injection racing". Zapravo, to su trke R-ova sa karburatorom.
Naime, o čemu se radi.
Rekareativni trkači su uvideli da je ostalo brdo starih R motora, koji na stazi jednostavno nisu konkurentni kod profesionalaca, ali zato kod amatera... Zapravo, kod amatera ti motori mogu pokazati dosta dobre performanse, pa u rukama istog vozača R6 iz 2002 i 2008 pokazuju iste performanse, jer je to zapravo maksimum koji vozač može da izvuče iz sebe.

Dobra stvar kod ovih motora je što se za njih pravilo brdo opreme koja se i danas koristi(šifteri, ogibljenja, kočnice, pumpe, ...), trpano je sve na motore. a sada se prodaju bud zašto. Što je najgore, ni ne izgledaju loše.

Ukratko, na engleskom:

Pre Injection, what’s that?
I find myself explaining this quite often to non motorbike racing folk and I try not to bore them…. too much!

Pre Injection Motorcycle Racing in Ireland does exactly what it says on the tin. If a person wishes to compete in this class, after they go through the licence process, their machine must be between 200cc and 600cc and must breath through carburettors, i.e. any machine from before fuel injection became the norm, hence Pre-Injection. The bike must comply also with MCUI Standing Regulations, Chapter 3, pages 16-19, Pre Injection Technical Regulations. http://www.mcui-uc.org.uk/documents/SRegs/MCUI_Standing_Regs_CH3.pdf

There is a lot more detail in there but basically if you’re bike is not an injection model 600 you qualify. There are some other rules, such as the forks must be from the same model as the bike you are using but you are allowed to upgrade the internal springs. You are also allowed to fit an upgraded rear shock. Some light tuning is permitted, such as skimming the head and porting and polishing, but the bike must have standard camshafts.

The most popular bike in this class is the Yamaha R6 5eb, which was built up until 2002 but there are a few Honda CBR 600’s which were made until 2000. There are plenty of the old Pre ’97 class Honda CBR600 F2 and F3 machines built from 1994 – 1998 still running in the class and some near the front too! They are still a very capable machine. So you can have anything from a 16 year old Yamaha R6 to a 22 year old or older Honda CBR600. Bikes in this class would have been Supersport bikes in their day but the bikes in the Supersport class progressed to injection models as they became available.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because bikes in this class are older, and maybe the riders too, that the racing is much slower or any less competitive! For example, the front runners in the Supersport class lap Mondello Park’s National Circuit in around 54 seconds and the front runners in the Supersport Cup class lap, between 55 and 58 seconds. Front runners in the Pre Injection Class in the past, such as Declan Swanton, Padraic Dooley, Mervyn Griffin and Stephen Doyle, have lapped Mondello National Circuit in 57 seconds and it has not been unusual for the top 12-15 bikes in this class to be lapping in under a minute, with some close racing and serious battles! If you’re a bike racing spectator and want to see some great racing and battles, don’t miss any of our races.

The Pre Injection class is relatively cheap to start out in compared to Supersport or Superbike. I say relatively as the bikes are cheaper to buy due to their age. You will pick up an excellent Pre Injection R6 with spares for around €3000, but you could pick up a bike for €1000 (or less if you’re a cute hoor!) and prepare it yourself, put on some decent tyres (use tyre warmers) and away you go testing and racing. I threw testing in there as I feel it’s vital to get as much track time and laps in as possible. Go around and around and around, listen to tips and advice, ask for help, follow some people around and start passing them in time. There is great camaraderie in the paddock and in the Pre Injection Class in particular. Great banter and slagging and were all still mates after our dices out on track. You can have anyone on track from a novice to a former Superbike Champ, to top road racers like double Manx Grand Prix winner Andrew Brady (who generally races in the north but might make an odd Mondello Park appearance).

Is the Pre Injection Class suitable for newcomers? What type of rider enters this class? Yes, the Pre Injection Class is suitable for newcomers to an extent. If a newcomer is a younger rider, say under 18, I would recommend the Production 125cc/300cc class or the 400cc Lightweight Supersport’s as a learning class. If a newcomer is a road bike rider who has been doing Track Days for a year or two and has been dreaming of racing then Pre Injection is an ideal class.

This is what I did. I started out at my first meeting in July 2011 at 31 years of age (when the class was called Pre 97) lapping 1.14 on a 95 CBR600 which I got for €900 on e-bay and by that August I had it down to 1.08 and was starting to enjoy it. In 2012 the class changed to Pre Injection and I bought a 2000 Yamaha R6 for €2500. I was slower to progress on this bike at the start but I really loved the class and 2013 was when I feel I started really racing.

We’d a great bunch mid pack and I started getting into the top ten and finished the season lapping in 1.02 on the Mondello Park National Track. More of the same in 2014 saw me getting down to 1.01. I had a target in mind of a 60 second lap and last season I met my target in qualifying at the Leinster event in August. I went on to surpass it in the race by getting on the podium, coming home in 3rd place!

The following race that day I was 4th and could not believe it when I saw that I had put in a 59 second lap. Moral of the story, if a lump like me can start out at 31 lapping at 1.14 and by 35 be putting in 1.00 and 59 second laps and getting a trophy, anyone can. Buy the damn bike, have it in good order, put in the track time, put on good tyres, correct tyre pressures etc., get stuck in and enjoy it.

Have I bored you? Tough….

Kako se vama čini ova klasa?

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Jako interesantno.

Motosport narodu! Smiley

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Lepo, baš.  Smiley

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